1. Hydraulic Industry
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Hydraulic Industry

High-performance tool for reaming very long and precise holes. Due to the use of ceramic guidepads cylindricity and circularity can be kept within tight tolerances. Both run-out and cylindricity can easily be adjusted in microns. Long tool life and perfect holes are garanteed. Further applications for CircoTec RX guide pad tools:

  • liner holes for cams- and crank shaft
  • valve guide holes
  • spindle cases for machine tools
  • long holes with interrupted cuts in general



vc m/min 60
fz mm 0.30
z   8
vf mm/min 1205
ap mm 0.15
D mm 38 JS6
L mm 90
Ra µm 0.28

Hydraulik Ventil

Workpiece material
GGG40 (QT450)

F0512R1 (besch. HM)

Tool life1)
450 m

1) Tool life may remarkably differ from case to case and shows a rough guide value only!