1. Aeorospace Manufacturing Industry
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Aeorospace Manufacturing Industry

Perfectly adopted insert material available for most common light alloys used in aerospace and vehicle manufacturing. URMA Reaming RX inserts are available in uncoated carbide, Cermet, DLC-coated and PCD or CBN version. This means:

  • high cutting speed at long tool life
  • changing inserts within second seven for PCD reamers
  • high degree of freedom in choosing cutting material
  • excellent surface quality achievable



vc m/min 392
fz mm 0.20
z   10
vf mm/min 4989
ap mm 0.1
D mm 50 G6
L mm 197
Ra µm 0.17

shock absorber

Workpiece material
Aluminium EN-AW-6082-T6

Insert material
F0510C DLC-besch. HM

Tool life1)

1) Tool life may remarkably differ from case to case and shows a rough guide value only!

shock absorber