1. URMA Drilling TX special
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URMA Drilling TX special

High-performance and unique special drill parts which are custom built.

High-Performance Drills

Solid carbide high-performance tools
Especially in large series manufacturing high-performance tools are required to fulfill the increasing demand. MaxFeed, MaxFeedPlus, AluPlus and InoxPlus are application specific drill geometry solutions. The outstanding performance of these high-performance tools enables the user to double feed rates and remarkably reduce cutting forces.

Smart Tool Solutions

Turn-key solution for hydraulic parts
Valve steering blocks for example requires highest tolerances in position and shape. In order to fulfill these high requirements, URMA offers a complete tooling solution for precise bore machining.

We offer tailor-made high-performance solid carbide drills Urma CircoTec TX to fulfill such demand. Cylindricity and cutting depth are optimized for the following reaming process.

Depending on requirements and dimension of the workpiece we design and produce URMA CircoTec
RX high-performance reamers with optimized configuration. A variety of cutting geometries, coatings and tool configurations, with or without guide pads are possible.

See our URMA CircoTec catalog for further information about the reaming system.